25 Beautiful Things is more than a coloring book. It's a revitalizing creative revolution.


A book for people who would like to take steps to be more creative and live a freer life, 25 Beautiful Things is profoundly fun.

The 25 Beautiful Things Fine Art Coloring Books for Adults are luxuriously oversized fine art prints of my original ink drawings, which I created for you to first enjoy the experience of painting them in whichever way gives you joy, and then afterwards to have the pleasure of displaying them in your everyday life, framing them or giving them to friends as gifts. 

Made in Los Angeles in small, limited editions of only 100 books, I sign and number each book personally.

You may be aware of the intensely popular adult coloring book trend as a form of entertainment and even therapy, and I think you’ll appreciate the many ways that my books stand alone. Every detail has been sensitively crafted to encourage self expression, self awareness, connection, and authenticity.

You'll resonate with the sophisticated aesthetic and empowering message which encourages you to experiment and color outside the lines in your own unique way. 

Unlike other adult coloring books, which some feel stifle creativity or even add stress by asking you to painstakingly color within the lines of highly intricate illustrations, 25 Beautiful Things encourages you to play, experiment and indulge in the freedom of your infinite potential.

You will delight in discovering the nuances of your own creative self expression by simply jumping in and experimenting without overthinking it. You'll find yourself letting go of the strangling pressure to be perfect and will feel your mind opening to creative possibilities and spontaneous beauty. Truly!


  • The books measure 11" x 17" and are printed on weighty, luxuriously oversized, high quality paper.

  • Hand signed and numbered by the artist in limited editions of just 100 books made in Los Angeles

  • Original ink drawings, created in a loose, free, artistic style, designed to be painted with watercolors and framed

  • Rebellious words of encouragement, such as:

    • “There are so many more interesting things to be than perfect.”

    • “Remember: You do not need anyone’s permission of approval. No gatekeeper can keep you from your creative joy.”


25 Beautiful Things is more than a coloring book - it’s a revitalizing creative revolution.

I launched my first book, 25 Beautiful Things, in 2015 at The Unique LA Market and now lead empowering workshops using my books and kits at conferences, camps, lifestyle boutiques, and co-working spaces including Facebook LA, AirBnb, The Unique CAMP, Mar Vista Art Dept., and 5 Points.  Participants share their painted pages with #25BeautifulThings and @25BeautifulThings on Instagram.

I appreciate your interest in my books and I am honored to have appeared on the path of your creative journey.

25 Beautiful Things Workshop


  • This was a bit of an investment for me, but I still recommend 25 Beautiful Things because I think it makes you take time and just enjoy the moment as you paint. I think it also builds confidence when you see the end result.
  • This is just what I needed!
  • I love the size and the images. I'm not into the adult coloring books where you're filling a tiny square...
  • Doing this is so relaxing and fun. Whenever I need a pick me up, I'm just going to take out my book and paint.
  • I feel empowered.
  • Once we tried it we wanted to paint page after page.